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⭐ A deep dive into understanding your own emotional triggers as a puppy parent so that you can:

- Manage and overcome overwhelm when it comes to your puppy

- Get support to repond to your puppy calmly even when you are feeling very frustrated, angry or anxious

- Learn how to make a training plan (with my support) that you can actually stick to and that works!

⭐Access to 8 key modules:

  • CONFIDENCE - so that your puppy grows into an adult you can take anywhere, knowing they will be happy and settled
  • CALMNESS - so that your puppy learns how to relax by default inside and out - no climbing on your neck on that work call!
  • LEARNING TO LISTEN - so that your puppy walks beautifully on lead, comes when called (EVEN when there are squirrels) and can HEAR YOU, even when there's another dog over there they might like to say hi to. Plus YOU also learn how to listen to their communication as well!
  • LEARNING TO MAKE GREAT CHOICES - so that you can leave your shoes kicked off at the door without them being chewed up, open the door without them dashing out, or even leave your unattended food on the side without it being snaffled!
  • BUILDING A FIVE STAR CONNECTION - so that all of the above is EASY and best of all FUN. Learn how to teach your dog in a way that they want to engage and learn with you, rather than it feeling like a battle

⭐Private, 1:1 support from me whenever you need it for a full 8 weeks (I’m here answering your questions every single week day!). Starting from Monday 9th October.

⭐Lifetime access to the course for as long as it exists (for many years to come!) so you can go at your own pace and revisit the material as many times as you want to

⭐Lifetime access to our amazing bonuses:

  • Zoning (bed) training guide
  • The Adventures of Squid (here I talk you and walk you through how I socialise my puppy to the world in real time)
  • Biting Solutions Workshop
  • Total Toilet Training Workshop and Guide
  • The Puppy Calmness Project
  • I Love My Crate Training Guide
  • The Socialisation Stepping Stones complete socialisation guide
  • Help For Harnesses Workshop



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