Grab Your Rainy/Sunny Day Bundle!

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Hard to get out with your dog because it's too wet or too hot??

Grab the Bundle and get:

- 7 stay at home fun training games

- A 15 min digital training 1:1 with Holly

- Access to one of our behavioural workshops of your choice. Our exclusive workshops go into depth on the topic in question, so that you can not only understand your dog's behaviour, but also go away with actionable strategies to help!

Total bundle cost £120 but only £12 for 48 hours!

Choose from any of the below workshops:

Workshop 1: How to support your anxious dog to feel more comfortable

Workshop 2: How to get anything done in a multiple dog household

Workshop 3: Working with ageing dogs: How to keep the mind active when the body is slowing down

Workshop 4: Recall secrets for pet parents

Workshop 5: How to welcome guests to your home without the carnage

Workshop 6: How to enjoy calm, quiet car journeys

Workshop 7: How to motivate YOURSELF to train with your dog

Workshop 8: Relaxed lead walking, a how to guide

Workshop 9: How to apply your dog's training to real life situations

Workshop 10: Help for dogs that struggle to settle

Workshop 11: A fresh look at "demand barking"

Workshop 12: "Over-reactivity" Solutions

Workshop 13: Helping your rehomed dog to feel safe and confident

Workshop 14: Cracking toilet training

Workshop 15: Puppy biting solutions

Workshop 16: Helping dogs that run away from their harness

Workshop 17: Stress barking and how to help

Workshop 18: Resource guarding and how to help

Workshop 19: Separation anxiety and how to help



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