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** Individal Mini Training Session We’ll meet online for a 15 min mini session (worth £31.25) Designed to give you a confidential space to talk through a difficulty that you are having in your business, or to plan the path to reach a goal

** Permanent Access To A Specialised Behavioural Workshop (worth £45) Choose from one of the topics below and take a deep dive into the topic, so you can put the learning into practice right away!

Choose from one of these workshops:

Workshop 1: How to support your anxious dog to feel more comfortable

Workshop 2: How to get anything done in a multiple dog household

Workshop 3: Working with ageing dogs: How to keep the mind active when the body is slowing down

Workshop 4: Recall secrets for pet parents

Workshop 5: How to welcome guests to your home without the carnage

Workshop 6: How to enjoy calm, quiet car journeys

Workshop 7: How to motivate YOURSELF to train with your dog

Workshop 8: Relaxed lead walking, a how to guide

Workshop 9: How to apply your dog’s training to real life situations

Workshop 10: Help for dogs that struggle to settle

Workshop 11: A fresh look at “demand barking”

Workshop 12: “Over-reactivity” Solutions

Workshop 13: Helping your rehomed dog to feel safe and confident

Workshop 14: Cracking toilet training

Workshop 15: Puppy biting solutions

Workshop 16: Helping dogs that run away from their harness

Workshop 17: Stress barking and how to help

Workshop 18: Resource guarding and how to help

Workshop 19: Separation anxiety and how to help

Workshop 20: Connecting with your dog through distractions

Workshop 21: Support for dogs that really struggle to settle



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